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Between uncertain financial times and constant information availability, utilitarian buyer behavior rules commerce today. Consequently, how much we know and how well we market knowledge often drive sales. We all become teachers in the information age...


° Writing & Teaching Georgia State University Courses in Digital Marketing

As a part-time instructor (one night a week) at Georgia State University Robinson College of Business, education is high in my values. I wrote and teach GSU's first Social Media Marketing and SEO course (to consistently full classes; in fact often the marketing trends discussed in my blog are extracted from my in-class lectures). I also proofread and edited Pearson-Prentice Hall's initial draft of its social media marketing text book first edition. I am Chair for the AiMA (Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association) Social Media SIG - where I direct a team of professionals in creating content, obtaining speakers and promoting sell-out seminars. I am also a guest speaker in digital marketing, having spoken for SCAD Alumni and The Experts Bench webinars. Read my digital marketing blog.

Savannah College of Art & Design Alumni: Engagement & Social Media

SCAD wanted to grow involvement and visibility in Atlanta Alumni. I began working directly with the Atlanta campus Alumni Relations Manager in 2010 and I created new, monthly events driven by surveys (as opposed to only quarterly events previously). I created regular strategic hub-&-spoke marketing communications driving Alumni to the Facebook Group (I am adimin; achieving increases in joins and positive comments there). Events have achieved 25% attendence growth, last up to four hours, and draw Alumni from as far as Tennessee. I was made president and am currently building a Chapter Board. See the promotional email I wrote, designed and implemented for event promotion.

° The Change Challenge: Building an Organization

I am a founding member of The Change Challenge, an organization providing workshops and coaching to non-profits regarding social media and digital marketing. Among other things, I built and planned services and education. I also branded the group, designed and integrated the website and blog on a Wordpress CMS framework. See the site and blog.

° Georgia State University Executive MBA (EMBA) Program Consumer Behavior Study

GSU wanted a study on warm prospects for the EMBA program. Namely, the program wanted to know why interested prospects took initial steps toward the GSU EMBA program and then did not complete final steps to become students. I worked with a team and GSU's EMBA marketing director to conduct a marketing survey to these prospects, analyze the results for GSU's goals and write recommendations for future growth and customer understanding. See the final delivered plan.

° Home-Education Resources

The Front Seat was a start-up requiring brand identity creation. I studied industry competing materials to drive a differentiated, cohesive brand identity across website and business stationary (logo design shown above).

° Instructional Guide: How to Create a Clear Stacked Bar Chart in MS Excel

Excel is a powerful tool for processing and presenting data. Sophisticated graphics professionals and software can produce bolder chart graphics, but sometimes Excel is the only option at hand. In spite of its universal acceptance, Excel can still create challenges for charting. I studied and reported tweaking Excel to produce a clear, stacked bar chart output. Read the pdf guide.

° Strategic Marketing for Educational Organizations

Years of experience in marketing education and knowledge deliverables have inspired me to research optimal strategies and tactics for growth. In the broad sense, educational organizations can comprise schools, industry associations, business seminars and lunch-and-learns. While each organization model has important differences, there are actually common strategic marketing concepts that can help them all. The values of customer understanding and demand, the incorporation of trends and the roles and benefits of promotions and PR are essential bridges for successful education deliverables and growth. This report explores ideas and promotes marketing planning to meet desired goals. For more information, open the pdf.

° Edutainment and Multi-Sensory Branding for Events

In a world with more entertainment media options than ever before, educators must grow to reach their audiences. The multi-sensory customer experience can be a homerun for the education industry, as shown in my research here. I created a proposal for my employer to take an edutainment approach to conferences, to build brand equity, product value and recall, and communicate information more effectively than before. See the proposal pdf.

° Training Today's Professionals: Corporate Education versus Traditional Degree Programs

Traditional schools suddenly have unanticpated competitors. Corporate universities are projected to outnumber traditional universities in the U.S., with new learning methods and media leading the charge. I researched this budding competitive market and projected ways the two educators can help eachother for better trained American projessionals, as baby bommer leaders advance into retirement. Read more.

° Marketing Guides for Independent Consultants and Job-Hunters

In years of planning and marketing business seminars, as well as working as an independent consultant/freelancer, I have researched strategies for advancement. In the information age, knowledge and expertise necessarily become differentiators and success attributes for business individuals. So often, how well individuals deliver knowledge determines their level of success. This can take the role of speaking in seminars or writing for SEM/wiki. The articles here explore the potential for individuals as thought leaders:

For Career Choices, It's the "How," not the "What," That Matters Most

Vertical Horizons: How Job-Hunters & Consultants Can Succeed with Horizontal and Vertical Strategic Marketing

Understanding and Presenting Your Best Self in Social Networking and Job Searches

Understanding Lions: The Character of High-Powered Mentors & Hirers

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