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In recent years Wired Magazine published an incredible article titled, "Free. Why $00.00 is the Future of Business." The reduced costs of business around the web plus giveaway and freemium models give the illusion of $00.00.

But today is the age of reduced cost technology and communications via opensourcing, the Cloud, Web 2.0 and 3.0 and social media... opportunities reside there.

° Engine 5 Design Co.: Creating Strong Technology Brands

For two years (until the 2001 dot-com fall out) I co-owned a firm creating brand identities and messaging for small tech companies. The firm successfully served 12 client corporations and sub-brands. In first year, the firm averaged $29k revenue per customer. See the self-promotional website and portfolio I created for Engine 5.

° T-Mobile sales incentive program

T-Mobile's subsidiary came to my Engine 5 firm seeking a themed sales incentive program to increase new sales. I directed creative and hired a freelance advertising copywriter. As result the client added 667,400 net new subscribers in Q4, 2001. Contract additions (as opposed to lower retention pre-paid) amounted to 583,000, or 87% of total additions, compared to 368,000 contract net additions in the third quarter.

° Transportation technology Product Family Brands

A family of transportation technology products required brand strategy, facelift and cohesion. I researched competitor brands, message and strategies to drive new creative for these products. I directed and wrote copy and image for campaigns and brand identities. Campaigns included various web ads as well as traditional tactics. As result, brand-name related web searchs increased 24-26% year over year for two years and web-based sales leads increased 30%. See the case study pdf.

° Wiley Engineering Marketing Plan

I created brand identity and literature for Wiley helping its transition from $500k revenue start-up to current $1.5M. The client claims literature and branding have lifted sales conversion 10-15%. And when Wiley considered going into software for beverage engineering, I worked with a team to conduct marketing analysis and form a launch plan. Working with client and industry financials, we were able to show opportunity for the product. Consequently, Wiley Engineering has formed long-term goals to migrate into software. See our delivered plan pdf.

° corporate social media, web hub-&-spoke marketing

My employer was seeking guidance regarding social media and its potential impact on the company and brand. As manager of marketing/creative, I proposed social media plans for the company. We began communicating in LinkedIn, Twitter (I tweeted and retweeted industry beneficial content) and I regularly monitored web analytics for our social media impact. As result we reached 350 quality, industry-specific Twitter followers in first quarter. And starting from near zero in Q3 2009, we achieved 330 website referral hits from social networking sites within six months. These site visitors in turn were fed into our increasing lead-generation pool of sales prospects. See the Twitter page.

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° industry blog & content aggregator site proposal

I directed a web service audit, hired an IA to aid in the research and projections. Focused on a company's existing, Web 1.0, legacy service directory (comprising 2,100 free advertiser listings) for the transportation industry. Implemented the research and recommendations into a presentation for company president and executive staff. Research projected the potential for the site as a partner blog and content aggregator, achieving up to 85 paid listings per year, estimating between $45,000 to $85,000 profit over 5 years (total, after web development and sales costs). See the presentation pdf.

° The Power of CRM and Customer Focus for Printers

Years of purchasing, providing and managing printing services have allowed me to monitor industry change. Although competion comes from online publishing, technology does offer hope for the future of printing companies. This article focuses on strategic CRM technology and customer-focus to grow printers in this challenging time. Open the pdf.

° The Viral Green: The IT Industry and Green Web Marketing

My masters' final project/thesis explored the triangular relationships between viral and Web 2.0 marketing strategies and promotions; the IT programming industry; and green marketing. A consequent zealous convert, you can find me on all major social media sites. Open the pdf.


°Partnership marketing plan for software company

My employer was seeking to formalize and expand it's partnership marketing program. I directed co-branding tactics for partners, and met with company executives to identify needs. I researched affiliate program,s and the company's alliances, to write a survey (for partner interest) and tactical plan of offerings and benefits. See the plan pdf.

° Strategic Marketing for the ERP World

From my perspective, as the roles and understanding of software in today's business-to-business world change, marketing must change with them. Communications are critical to sales and customer satisfaction. And perspectives on IT shift with customer knowledge and engagement. The potential is great for ERP products and components; read more.

° Implementing corporate tech/database systems (ERP/SRM)

I worked with a team to research pitfals in implenting and launching major corporate platforms such as ERP and SRM. We uncovered warning signs, trouble points and safe approaches to ensure success in the harshest stages - launch and post-launch; read the study and recommendations presentation.


° Web application UI designs and GUI icons

I've been working for a number of years with web app data portrayal requirements to create UI and branded screen header designs for multiple products. I've worked with business analysts, product managers, UI and web developers and information architects to produce easy-to-use data apps and GUI icons for users. For example the header above is my UI design for a transportation optimization and reporting application Iresearched and conceived. To see this proposal or my other samples of usability art direction, please contact me. Additional creative direction and web design samples are located in the "Creative Business" section of this site.

° Websites & Flash built

Over the years I've designed and built a number of websites and created Flash animations from scratch, utilizing Adobe CS tools such as Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and HTML coding and CSS. I've also integrated and customized Wordpress-based CMS and blog websites. Access these sites.


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