Websites & Flash Designed & Built by Jake Aull

Looking for a quick portfolio review? Here is a quick, multi-page pdf of just web designs I've created for clients over the years.

I designed and built this website as well as the Engine 5 website. See additional sites and Flash animations I have designed and built from scratch, as well as Wordpress CMS blog and website integrations, below:

The Change Challenge, as discussed in the "Knowledge and Educational Marketing" section of my website, sought branding and a Wordpress-integrated CMS and blog website which I designed and built.

Tableaux Vivant, as discussed in the "Creative" section of my website, came to me seeking a website design and build to show off their photography portfolio.

See my previous self-promotional website - Over the years I've redesigned and built my own site numerous times to keep it fresh.

Thompson, Slagle and Hannan, a law firm, sought me out to art direct office photography for them, as well as design and build their website.

See the PRE Solutions website; I designed the brand image and identity for PRE Solutions pre-paid products as well as the website.

Auction Express is an auto auction service that came to me seeking a website design and build.

View the animated Engine 5 logo I created in Flash.

See an animated short in Flash I concepted, wrote and built.

Open an entire Flash-built website and animated intro I designed and created for my firm Engine 5.

View another Flash-animated concept piece I wrote, created and built.

Of course I am also proud of my own Wordpress blog (although it is template-driven).


Enjoy, and please contact me with any questions,

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